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Losing Levi

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Eden Grayson is a girl who had spent her entire life on top.
She had it all, popularity, great friends, and the boyfriend that every girl wanted.
That is, until her parents split up and her father leaves Eden and her mother for another family and another life that he had made while still with her and her mother.
Everything suddenly comes crashing down around her.
Her friends turn their backs on her and the boyfriend she thought she could count on leaves her alone.
Feeling lost and without hope for a better future Eden falls into a deep depression.
There’s only one who can save her, Levi Mackey.
As an outsider himself they quickly form a friendship that they both come to rely on.
Their strong bond quickly transforms into love, but when an unexpected tragedy splits them apart will Eden be able to survive?
How will she go on without him, she doesn’t have a clue.
Eden fights her inner darkness as she mourns her loss, and with the help of her family and unexpected friends she will overcome it all.
She finds real love again.
But not before she finds herself.
And only then can she help those around her.
Eden, the truly invisible butterfly will emerge the most beautiful butterfly of all, leaving her pain and sadness behind.


“When you have those moments just think of me, call or text me when you feel weak and I will always be there for you. Nothing about this will be easy, life is hard, we just feel it more than most because our souls have been broken and are raw.” – Logan.

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