Eden One, Episode One is on Wattpad.

As of today Eden One, Episode One is free to read on Wattpad. It is also free to download on Smashwords. I’m hoping to have Episode One free on Amazon and Barnes&Noble in the near future also. Episodes 2-12 are available to purchase on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and Smashwords as well. Happy Reading!

Eden One New 1

What do we do when the world as we know it ends?
What will we do to survive?
Only we can decide the answers to those questions.

Now, fast forward 237 years into the future.

Earth is no longer livable, and only seven space stations hold the keys to our future.
Each station has its own special reasons, and each has a certain group that will be able to travel to any new planets they find and begin life anew.
The stations consist of the farmers, the engineers, the scientists, the breeders, the doctors, the military, and the alphas, or also known as the future leaders.
Mackenzie was lucky enough to be born on the military station, and is quickly following in her father’s footsteps to becoming a leader of her very own squad, a squad that would someday be sent down to a whole new world.
They were the future.
As their future soon becomes reality Mackenzie and her team are tested to their limits. Mackenzie has to choose whether her lifelong enemy, Killian, will become their Alpha as her and her team are chosen to finally start a new life.
But when her old flame shows up out of nowhere will she be able to choose?
She has to fight her emotions and do what’s best for everyone, but will it be enough?
Will it keep them all alive when they finally reach the ground?

Follow the links below to read Eden One, Episode One for free.

Wattpad Link: http://www.wattpad.com/story/43598131-eden-one-episode-one/parts

Smashwords Link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/508659

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