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Alone Cover 3You can purchase “Alone” for $1.99 for a limited time to celebrate the release of “Escape”. Get your eBook copy now before the price changes back to its normal $2.99 eBook price. “Escape” will be released August 10th. The links to purchase “Alone” are below. “Escape” is also available for pre-order.

Three years ago there was an outbreak.
River has been alone from the beginning, living in an elaborate bunker that her father had built in case of the very emergency that had occurred.
People were infected and most died, but a small few turned into rabid creatures that would kill anything that crossed their paths.
They were the creatures nightmares were made of.
As River survives on her own she ends up forced out of her shelter to find food, but what she ends up finding is trouble, and possible enemies.
Gale just so happened to be running from his own troubles with his brother, Evan, and two sisters that they had found along their travels, when out of the blue a new girl runs into his path.
With a little luck, they help each other out and end up becoming quick allies, but when Gale’s past comes around to bite him, will he throw everything away?
What happens when the trouble he and the others were running from catches up to them? Will River get caught in the crossfire? Of course she will.
Barely escaping the nightmare Gale brings down on her head she’s lucky enough to find the one person she had considered dead, and then she is forced to lose him all over again.
It’s like her life has twisted into one huge rollercoaster ride, one that places her into the arms of an old friend.
But again that relief is short lived when he turns on her. River soon finds herself on the road running alone yet again and far away from the most dangerous man she has ever encountered, Zach.
Zach gains on her quickly, and when he captures her she loses her heart in the process.
Once again her luck is tested when she’s taken right out of Zach’s arms by someone she had once trusted, someone that had betrayed her before.
Thankfully, she is saved from the new horrors he threatens by some new strangers. And with a single shot these new people will change her life forever.
Will she make it back to the bunker, back to where she belongs in her first loves arms? Will Zach be able to track her back down and re-spark the flame between them?
Or will she find safety somewhere new and in someone else’s arms?

You can find this story for purchase at the sites below.

Amazon Link: Alone (Among the Dead Trilogy Book 1)

Smashwords Link:

Barnes&Noble Link:

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