I’ll be placing all of my books exclusively into Amazon!!

The following books are all now available to purchase and borrow for free through Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Alone (Among the Dead Trilogy Book 1)
Escape (Among the Dead Trilogy Book 2)
Bound (The Onyx Wolves Book 1)
Broken (The Onyx Wolves Book 2)
Losing Levi
Damage Me
Colton Clark (A Damage Me Novella Book 2)
Stolen: When Worlds Collide and Stars Align

The entire Eden One series is also available to purchase or free to borrow with Amazon Prime. The link for the first episode in the series is below. The first episode is still free on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes&Noble. The bundles of this series  are also available to borrow for free.

Eden One: Episode 1 (Season One)
Eden One: Episodes 1-4 (Season One)

I will be adding The Alexis Rose series to Amazon exclusively as soon as I finish with their re-edits. They will also be added in paperback form for purchase as well.

Barely Alive – Coming soon to Amazon Prime (Currently available in Paperback form)
Running Scared – Coming soon to Amazon Prime
Dead End – Coming soon to Amazon Prime
The Complete Story of Alexis Rose – Coming soon to Amazon Prime

Currently I am trying to update all of the links on each page here. It’s a slow process but if you click on any of the Smashwords or Barnes&Noble links they will not function properly since those titles are no longer for sale through those outlets.

Hopefully within the next few days I’ll have everything updated, but until then please bear with me.

Thank you!

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