New look for The Vampires of Linbridge Series.

Some changes are coming to The Vampires of Linbridge Series.

Since I’ve been editing and updating my heart out, I decided that this series needed some new covers. I loved the roses but when I did the latest cover for book three I just couldn’t get it right. I took a step back and realized that they weren’t my best. Anyway, long story short, I stayed up late to search through hundreds of photos until I finally found the perfect one. It was luck that this photo wasn’t the only one of the model. Once I did the cover for Bitten, I fell in love. These new covers blow the old ones out of the water. I am so excited to share them with you.  I’ve also chosen a title for book 3. It will be called Eternal!

Now that that is out of the way here they are in all of their glory.

The main books in the series are not the only ones getting a change. Erik’s book and Ivan’s are also going to be a bit different. Check them out.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rebecca
    Mar 23, 2018 @ 11:55:15

    When is book 3 of vampires of linbrigde coming out love the series.



    • ravenkasher
      Mar 23, 2018 @ 18:41:26

      Hi Rebecca, I’m thrilled that you’ve enjoyed the series. I am currently working on Book Three right now. I’m really hoping to have it completed by the middle of April, if not sooner. Once I finish it I will aim for a May release at the latest. Again, if I finish sooner I may be able to release it at the end of April. If you haven’t already, sign up for my newsletter or follow me on Facebook for updates on when it will be released. I’ll also add links here once the book is available for pre-order. I just put out a short teaser for Book Three on Tuesday which you can find on my Facebook page. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.



  2. Lynn
    Nov 23, 2019 @ 23:22:36

    Raven. I have now finished book 3.5 of the Vampires of Linbridge. So far I loved all the books and am looking forward to all future books. I will check out your other titles as well.
    I do have a question about book 3.5 , not the story but the cover. Who is the model who posed for the cover. It’s driving me crazy trying to place where I’ve seen that face before.
    Thank you and keep on writing such wonderful stories.
    A fan

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    • ravenkasher
      Nov 23, 2019 @ 23:46:34

      Hello, I’m overjoyed to hear that you’ve enjoyed the Vampires of Linbridge series so far. I am currently working on books 4 and 4.5 which should be ready for release at the beginning of 2020. Probably around March or April. If you enjoy Reverse Harem stories you may also like my single “Forbidden” or the “Love and Blood Series.” As for the model on the cover, I’m not sure who they are. All of my covers are done using stock photos from It’s possible that you may have seen the same photo being used on another book cover for another author. It happens a lot when using stock photo websites because each photo isn’t limited to just one person. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me again. Thank you for being a fan, it’s very much appreciated. Have a great day!!

      Raven K. Asher



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