The Onyx Wolves Series

BoundBook One – Bound

Bound (The Onyx Wolves, #1)

Parker is a wolf, a human-wolf hybrid to be precise. She is a young female alpha of the great Onyx pack, a pack that currently rules over all of the other surrounding packs.
Parker is just fine living out her days normally with her two best human friends Harley and Ariel. They had become her pack.
They were all she really wanted as a pack until her father goes behind her back and invites some new wolves into their school
When Gage, Rowan, Brock, Dillon, and London walk into her life, she had no idea how fast things would change.
Secrets and hidden pasts come out.
Much needed goodbyes are said.
She falls for the unexpected and just as they are about to announce their relationship and take it to the next level things quickly go downhill.
Lies take hold as one young alpha male decides to take things into his own hands when he doesn’t get his way.
Everything quickly spins even farther out of control.
Parker’s true love and mate are suddenly miles away, taken to the Island, lost forever unless she can break free and rescue him.
It takes her on a long journey, one where she meets some unexpected friends and Hunters who turn out to be completely different than what she had been taught as a young pup.
With help from friends and family she will fight hard to break into the Island to free her love, but it’s only the beginning of her fight to stay alive.
When tragedy strikes, will Parker even want to continue on?
Will someone pick her back up, or will she give up completely?
Only she can decide.

Excerpt: “That’s usually the way love goes, Parker. One day you hate them and the next you can’t figure out a single reason why you stayed away for so long in the first place.” – Derek

Amazon Link: Bound (The Onyx Wolves Book 1)

Broken CoverBook Two – Broken

Broken (The Onyx Wolves, #2)

After Gage’s death, Parker doesn’t know how she will go on.
It certainly doesn’t help that her now broken bond is forcing her to relive that horrific moment over and over again.
Every time she falls asleep she’s haunted.
She’s stuck in a never-ending loop that feels completely real, so real that at times Parker doesn’t know reality from her dreams.
That is until her dream changes, and someone new pops up in Gage’s place.
He was so much like Gage, but different all the same.
Once Parker returns to reality, she allows her curiosity to guide her on a path that takes her to a familiar hotel where the Hunters stayed.
There she finds the guy from her dream, Blue.
He’s everything she imagined him to be but with one major catch. Blue is a Hunter.
Parker’s world quickly spins out of control to the point where she has a hard time telling the difference between what’s actually happened and what hasn’t.
Everything becomes clear the moment her past dream about Blue becomes a reality.
Only she can save him from the gun pointed at his head.
Making a split second decision, she attacks the shooter. Her attack stops Blue from being killed instantly, but it doesn’t prevent fate.
Parker has another decision to make. She has to decide whether or not to change Blue into a wolf in order to save his life or to just let him go.
She changes him.
But that comes with its own consequences.
Blue hates her and what he’s become.
After everything that she’s been through will Parker be able to win over Blue’s heart? Will she be able to turn his hatred into love?
Better yet, will Blue be able to break the cycle that Parker has had to relive?
Only time can decide.
But time is also against them.

Amazon Link: Broken (The Onyx Wolves Book 2)

Betrayed CoverBook Three – Betrayed

Betrayed (The Onyx Wolves, #3)

Taken from her wedding, Parker quickly finds herself in a world of trouble.
She finds herself right back in the one place she had escaped, the Island.
Dillon and London are with her making matters that much dire.
Unlike last time she doesn’t want to risk anyone’s life in order for them to escape. The last thing she wants to do is lose someone else.
She especially doesn’t want to lose Blue, not when she’s so close to happiness.
What she doesn’t know is that someone very close to her isn’t who she thinks they are.
Every step they take to get away only ends up getting thwarted.
Parker is being betrayed.
When Parker does find out who is against them, her heart hardens. There’s no one she seems to be able to trust completely.
She surely can’t trust Emmett.
There are only a handful of people she can truly trust with her life, and most of them are locked in the Island with her.
But will the help on the outside she has be enough to help her, Dillon, London, and their new friend Rage escape?
Or will everything just go down in flames?
Either way, she refuses to let Blue die for her.

Amazon Link: Betrayed (The Onyx Wolves Book 3)

Book Four – Brave

Coming 2018!!


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