The Story of Alexis Rose

Barely Alive CoverBook One Barely Alive 

Barely Alive (The Story of Alexis Rose, #1)

After six long months, Alexis Rose has just decided to begin a new chapter in her story after a car crash that tragically took her father away from her and her family.
A crash that she can’t seem to get past, considering it was entirely her fault.
A fact her mother hasn’t allowed her to forget for even a moment.
Her fraternal twin brother, Duncan, talks her into getting back to the life she had all but forgotten and back to her friends that she had left behind while in her bubble of depression.
Her only worries are whether or not her forgotten friends will forgive her for pushing them away, and if her once boyfriend, Lucca, would forgive her and want to pick back up where they had left off.
Everything seems to be fitting right back into place as Alexis rebuilds her life, but as soon as it looks its best it all comes crashing down around her.
A deadly virus takes the world by storm.
The dead rise.
Her friends and family go missing.
And she’s left alone.
Alexis must quickly choose her path in this new apocalyptic world, and thankfully she finds someone who will keep her from falling back into despair.
Friends and loved ones die, and at moments all seems lost.
What will she end up doing in order to survive this cruel world that she has been suddenly thrown into?
Will she give up or will she fight?
When it comes down to life, death, or love, she must live to love or die trying.

You can purchase Barely Alive exclusively on Amazon or you can borrow and read for free with Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon Link: Barely Alive (The Story of Alexis Rose Book 1)


Running Scared CoverBook Two – Running Scared

Running Scared (The Story of Alexis Rose, #2)

Alexis must overcome the obstacles thrown in her path when she wakes up in a military hospital and without any memories of how she ended up there.
Waking up to two strangers just makes the whole situation even worse.
All she wants is her family.
But when someone finally breaks it to her that they’re all gone she panics.
She tries to flee but only runs herself straight into trouble.
Thankfully, she’s saved but she must quickly learn the dangers of the outside world if she has any hope of surviving long enough to gain her memories back.
Will she remember the one who loves her, and will she learn to love him back again?
And when given the choice of giving up or fighting, which will she choose?
Death will come again for some.
But who will survive this time?
Will her memories finally remind her who she’s willing to give everything up for?
The dead suddenly become the last things on her mind when other survivors become the most dangerous things that go bump in the night.
Surprises are just around the corner, but so is heartbreak.
But when a new home and new life land in her lap, will she take it?
Will her heart be able to heal?
With things seeming impossible, and her mind on the edge, only the one she comes to truly love will be able to save her from herself.

You can purchase Running Scared exclusively on Amazon or you can borrow and read for free with Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon Link: Running Scared (The Story of Alexis Rose Book 2)


Dead End CoverBook Three – Dead End 

Dead End (The Story of Alexis Rose, #3)

Alexis fears for her life.
And she fears for the lives of the two precious babies that she’s carrying, the only things she has left to remind her of her lost love, Jax.
Getting trapped in a horde was the last thing that she expected, especially when those two precious babies are coming right now.
Will they make it away from the horde alive?
Will they be rescued?
Just in the knick-of-time they find themselves being saved, but it all turns for the worst when there’s suddenly a complication.
Will Alexis and the babies survive?
With a little luck on their side along with her friends and loved ones she will endure.
She will stay strong, and she will fight for what she believes in.
Alexis will learn to save those that can’t save themselves, and she will learn that the only way to keep the helpless safe is to kill those who stand in her way.
Even though her world spins out of control, she finds love again.
She learns to enjoy the moments she has left, the moments that will forever be carved into her soul, the moments that will predict her future actions for the rest of her life.
To die is to be reborn, and in death, a new life and a second chance.

You can purchase Dead End exclusively on Amazon or you can borrow and read for free with Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon Link:  Dead End (The Story of Alexis Rose Book 3)



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