Cover Reveal!!

So, I couldn’t wait another second. I’ve decided to share the cover for the next book in The Vampires of Linbridge series. For those who wanted another point of view from the guys this should be exciting.

Here it is. Book 1.5. Erik.

This one will be a novella from Erik’s point of view. It’s going to continue the story while Harper is running away from Linbridge. Although, it won’t be necessary to read before book 2.

I plan on releasing this in the next few weeks. I’ll post more details soon.

Are you ready to see what Erik has to say? I think the black rose suits Erik. What do you think?

Cover Reveal for The Chosen!!

Chosen Cover Book 1This is the cover for my newest series, the project that I’ve been keeping secret for the past few months. Here it is in all its glory. Coming soon to a kindle near you 🙂

Nova has a great life. She has friends, a boyfriend, and a supportive family. It all appears perfect from the outside looking in. In truth it’s far from perfect. Her boyfriend, Aden, is a closely guarded secret. Her friends have nearly all left her, and her step-mother is cruel behind closed doors. More

Cover Reveal for Betrayed, Book 3 in The Onyx Wolves series!!

Betrayed CoverI believe I’ve leaked this cover earlier on but here it is officially.  The cover for Betrayed, Book Three in The Onyx Wolves Series.  I’ve planned out for each cover in this series to portray different characters from the books. This cover features Harley. Book One featured Parker, and Book Two featured Blue. Even though Betrayed hasn’t been released yet I’ve already planned out the cover for Book Four. On that cover will be Rowan. I’m planning on having Ariel featured on the final book also. The description below is still a little rough so please bear with me.

Taken from her wedding Parker quickly finds herself in a world of trouble once again. She finds herself right back in the one place she had just escaped from, the Island. More

Cover Reveal for Home, Book 3 in the Among the Dead Trilogy!!

Home Cover 2I chose this cover to go along with the other two that I already created for the Among the Dead Trilogy.  The first book, Alone, has you going down a road into the sunset. I wanted you to have the feel of going down that road alone. I believe that cover portrayed that perfectly. It was the calm before the storm. The second book, Escape, takes place in Rosenberg and the building on the cover was the building I described in the book itself. I used the picture to give me the idea. That cover was supposed to give you that grim feeling that River was feeling. It’s almost has a haunted feel to it. I also believe that cover was perfect in portraying the way that she felt. In this final book, Home, I wanted to bring light back into their world so I picked this to suit the mood. The sun’s shining on a brand new day and hope is in the air.


Cover Reveal! Broken, Book 2 in The Onyx Wolves Series

Broken Cover

After Gage’s death Parker doesn’t know how she will go on. It certainly doesn’t help that her now broken bond is forcing her to relive that horrific moment over and over again.
Every time she falls asleep she’s haunted.
She stuck in a never ending loop that feels completely real, so real that at times Parker doesn’t know reality from her dreams.
That is until her dream changes and someone new pops up in Gage’s place.
He was so much like Gage, but different all the same.
Once Parker returns to reality she allows her curiosity to guide her on a path that takes her to a familiar hotel where the Hunters stayed.
There she finds the guy from her dream, Blue.
He’s everything she imagined him to be but with one major catch.
Blue is a Hunter.
Parker’s world quickly spins out of control to the point where she has a hard time telling the difference between what’s actually happened and what hasn’t.
Everything becomes clear the moment her past dream about Blue becomes reality.
Only she can save him from the gun pointed at his head. More

Cover Reveal for Escape – Book 2 of The Among the Dead Trilogy

Escape coverThis is the cover for the second book in the Among the Dead Trilogy. This story will begin in the town of Rosenberg. The town that was full of promise has an underlying darkness. River finds herself needing to escape. Where the first book was about River being on the run with twists and turns this one will focus on her becoming stronger and falling for Zach. He’s the only one for her. Together they may get away from this haunted town but not before she finds her strength.