A little bit of a change for The Story of Alexis Rose series.

This change was completely unexpected but it’s done and I love these covers again. I’ve honestly wanted to do this to the covers since I changed them last but nothing I tried ever worked, until now. The changes aren’t huge. I used the same images from before, I just zoomed in a bit. The only major change is the switch between book three and the compilation of the three books cover image.

Here are the new covers for each, including the compilation.

Barely Alive CoverRunning Scared CoverDead End Cover

The Story of Alexis Rose


Help me pick a cover!!

Help me pick the new picture to use for the next and upcoming book in The Among the Dead Trilogy. Vote below for your favorite picture and it might just become the next cover for the last book in the trilogy. The title of this new book will be called “Home”.