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Finding our Pack is my latest Reverse Harem single. If you enjoyed my last Reverse Harem single Forbidden, then you’re going to love this one too. Release day is January 15th, 2020. The link to pre-order this story is below.

Jade has a dream; she wants a pack to call her own and alpha to love her.
Unfortunately, that’s not what Jade has gotten. Her path has already been chosen for her. Jade has an alpha, but Holden doesn’t love her, let alone show her any affection.
She’s left watching him with other females in the community, and there’s nothing that she can do to stop him. No amount of pleading with Holden gets the results that she wants.
While the alpha ignores her, Holden’s second and brother Flint doesn’t. He gives Jade the love that she longs for, but they must keep their feelings for each other hidden.
When Holden rejects her one last time, Jade gives up. More

Coming Soon!!

Forbidden is my latest Reverse Harem story. This is going to be a standalone book and it’s going to be a little steamier than I’ve written before. I will warn you that the characters drop quiet a few F-bombs. Since my schedule is so hectic I’ve decided to release this book without a pre-order period. I plan on releasing it this Friday, April 19th, 2019. I can’t wait to share this story with everyone. I had a lot of fun writing it. I’ll post links as soon as it’s available.

Clover’s life is pretty normal. She shares an apartment with her best friend, Amanda, and is a student in college. The only issue she’s facing are the awkward moments in the apartment with Amanda’s boyfriend, Mitch. Instead of spending time at the apartment Clover begins hiding out at school.
When her best guy friends Dimitri, Gavin, and Dane find out what’s happening they offer her one of their empty rooms in their house. At first, she doesn’t accept their offer, but after one more awkward encounter with Amanda and Mitch, Clover decides to move so that her best friend can have the space that they need. More

Coming Soon!!

We have a release date for The Rebels. The Rebels will be released April 20th, 2018!! You can pre-order now, just follow the link below.

Becoming the rebel leader wasn’t what Nova expected to do, but fate had placed her in that very position. After being deceived by Edric, it only seemed natural to choose the side that stood against the Nokalt.

Of course being the leader isn’t easy, but with Ash by her side, Nova feels as if they can do anything. And with a rebel army behind them, the possibilities are limitless.

As the days go by Nova’s relationship with Ash grows stronger, but that doesn’t keep her from wanting someone else. She wants Wade. Something is pulling her to him, something that she can’t understand.

When the Nokalt attack without warning, everything spins out of control. Rebels die, and Wade is left knocking at death’s door.

The rebels want revenge. More

Release Date for Betrayed!!

Betrayed CoverI’ve chosen a release date for Betrayed, Book 3 in The Onyx Wolves series. Betrayed will be released Friday, May 13th, 2016. Mark you calendars and get ready for this book. There will only be two more books after this one in this series.

Pre-ordering is now available. Click on the link below.

Taken from her wedding Parker quickly finds herself in a world of trouble once again. She finds herself right back in the one place she had just escaped from, the Island.
Dillon and London are with her this time making matters that much direr. Unlike last time she doesn’t want to risk anyone’s life in order for them to escape. The last thing she wants to do is lose someone else. More

Release Date for Home!!

Home Cover 2I’ve finally picked a release date for Home. (Drum-roll, please) I have decided to release Home, the third and final book in the Among the Dead Trilogy on April 1st, 2016. That’s right, no joking here, so mark your calendars and  get ready for Home.

Pre-ordering is now available. I’ve posted the link below!

Escaping Rosenberg hadn’t exactly been the easiest task but the tragedy that comes after nearly destroys River.
She once again finds herself all alone. With her heart shattered into pieces and her hope dwindling by the second she musters up just enough strength to continue on.


When Tomorrow Never Comes has a Release Date!!

When Tomorrow Never Comes CoverWhen Tomorrow Never Comes finally has a release date. It will be released Friday, October 16th, 2015. 

Evette is a sweet girl, a quiet girl, one that was stuck in the foster care system from a young age. After years of being passed around to multiple families that have only promised her broken dreams she finally finds the perfect place.
Evette has everything she could want. The love of a mother and father, even a brother and sister.
Everything is perfect until she makes one mistake, one that would cost Eve her boyfriend, Cole.
Not only does she lose Cole but she also loses his twin brother Liam.
After losing them and losing the family that she had come to love Eve once again finds herself being passed from one home to the next as she is haunted by Cole’s memories.
They had had three years together. Most of their time together had been perfect but there had also been some dark moments. More

Escape has a release date!!

Coming August 10th, 2015!! I know everyone has been waiting for the second book to be finished and released and that time has come.
It’s going to be a special day since it’s release day will be sharing my birthday.
This eBook will also be available for purchase via pre-order soon. I will post links for those as soon as I can within the post below and within the Published Books tab.

Escape coverWelcome to Rosenberg the town that promises safety and freedom from the infected.
There’s just one catch, the town isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
River is quick to find that out but she tries to fit in and adjust to this new life. It is safe after all.
Making a life with Jessie doesn’t seem so bad.
They have an apartment together and Jessie has a decent job that he does to make enough money to see them through. It would have helped if Davy and Kyra wouldn’t have left them to fend for themselves of course.
But they can’t do anything about that.
Trying to fit in River allows Jessie to talk her into going to one of the fights that the town held as entertainment. More

We have a Release Date!!

The release date has been set for Broken, Book Two in The Onyx Wolves series. Broken will be released on July 1st, 2015. The e-book will be available to pre-order a week ahead of the above mentioned release date. The paperback version will hopefully be released soon after the e-book. I’ll post links for the pre-order as soon as it is made available and I will also post dates on when the paperback version will be available as well. After it’s release I will be holding a Giveaway for the first book in the series on Goodreads so stay tuned in for those upcoming posts as well.