Congrats to my Goodreads Giveaway winner!! Your signed copy of Damage Me will be sent in the mail soon. Happy Reading!!

Eden One Re-release, Crash and Burn Book One.

Crash and Burn Cover 2Eden One Re-release, Crash and Burn Book One. Now available for purchase on Amazon. Link below.

What do we do when the world as we know it ends? What will we do to survive? Only we can decide the answers to those questions.
Now, fast forward 237 years into the future.
Earth is no longer livable, and only seven space stations hold the keys to our future.
Each station has its own special reasons, and each has a certain group that will be able to travel to any new planets they find and begin life anew.
The stations consist of the farmers, the engineers, the scientists, the breeders, the doctors, the military, and the alphas, or also known as the future leaders. More

Eden One is being updated.

Eden One is currently going to be unavailable. It is going to be updated and combined into a series instead of the 12 episodes. This new series will keep all of the original content of the 12 episodes but instead of 12 separate books it will be a 4 book series. The original name will stick with the series but each book will have a sub name. Updates and information for this series will be posted as soon as possible. The re-release will hopefully happen spring of 2016. You will still be able to find and read Eden One, Episode One at Barnes&Noble, Amazon, Wattpad, and Smashwords for free.

The Alexis Rose series is now exclusively on Amazon!!

You can now read The Story of Alexis Rose exclusively on Amazon. Borrow and read each book for free using Kindle Unlimited, or purchase in Kindle form, or Paperback.

Barely Alive (The Story of Alexis Rose Book 1)
Running Scared (The Story of Alexis Rose Book 2)
Dead End (The Story of Alexis Rose Book 3)
The Complete Story of Alexis Rose: Books 1-3

New Cover coming for The Hidden Angel!

shutterstock_139428611There’s a new cover coming for The Hidden Angel and a new and simpler title. The changes will be made to the cover and title on Amazon once I finish the re-edits to be made to the main story.

When Tomorrow Never Comes (Coming this Fall!)

When Tomorrow Never Comes CoverComing this Fall!!

Evette is a sweet girl, a quiet girl, one that was stuck in the foster care system from a young age. After years of being passed around to multiple families that have only promised her broken dreams she finally finds the perfect place.
Evette has everything she could want. The love of a mother and father, even a brother and sister.
Everything is perfect until she makes one mistake, one that would cost Eve her boyfriend, Cole.
Not only does she lose Cole but she also loses his twin brother Liam.
After losing them and losing the family that she had come to love Eve once again finds herself being passed from one home to the next as she is haunted by Cole’s memories. More

Escape is now available!!

Escape cover

The second book in the Among the Dead trilogy is now available. The story continues where Alone left off in the town of Rosenberg.

Welcome to Rosenberg the town that promises safety and freedom from the infected.
There’s just one catch, the town isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
River is quick to find that out but she tries to fit in and adjust to this new life. It is safe after all.
Making a life with Jessie doesn’t seem so bad. More

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