Stolen (When Worlds Collide and Stars Align) “Facts”

Here is the Gaelic words and their meanings that were used throughout the story. I used Gaelic words because I love how they sound when spoken. It’s a language I love to hear and share.

  • “Vostede é a mina para sempre” – You are my forever
  • “Tá grá agam duit” – I love you
  • “Para sempre e sempre” – Forever and always
  • “Meu amor” – My love

These below are the planets that were created for this story as well. As far as I know none of these truly exist other than Earth of course.

  • Kathian – Planet of the cat like species.
  • Quoest – The outcast planet.
  • Angulust – The home of the angels.
  • Earth – The human planet.
  • Darthmoth – The Demon planet.

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