The Alexis Rose Series “Facts”

The Alexis Rose series was the first books I had written. I started back in November of 2013 writing the first book of the series. Here are a few fun facts about the series that I have not shared anywhere else.

  • The Alexis Rose series was written within four months.
  • When I came up with the name Alexis Rose it was going to be the name of my next child. When my husband and I decided to quit having children I decided to give that name a life anyway.
  • The whole series is roughly 183,000 words.
  • The three books in the series have changed names twice since I released them. The first time wasn’t a major change but the second time changed them to the names they have now. Barely Alive, Running Scared, and Dead End.
  • My husband actually came up with the basic idea for the ending.
  • The mini crossbow that Alexis uses is based off of my own mini crossbow that I love to use.
  • Each book took me only three weeks to write. I also wrote them from the time the sun rose until it set. I pushed hard to get those first stories out.
  • I got my first sales not long after book one released.
  • The story available now has a drastically changed part in the story. We will keep the deleted scenes a secret though, they weren’t my best idea.
  • The Alexis Rose series sold well over 1,000 copies within its first year before my newer post-apocalyptic story Alone was released.
  • There’s a scene from Dead End in the Among the Dead Trilogy. If you read it see if you can pick it out 🙂

Alexis Rose 1 Alexis Rose 2 Alexis Rose 3


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