The Vampires of Linbridge “Playlist”

Here’s the playlist of songs that inspired me while writing The Vampires of Linbridge. I’m sure I’ll be adding more to this list, but this is currently what’s on my playlist as I write each book.

My Immortal – by: Evanescence
The Change – by: Evanescence
Believer – by: Imagine Dragons
Radioactive – by: Imagine Dragons
Bleeding Out – by: Imagine Dragons
Warriors – by: Imagine Dragons
Glory and Gore – by: Lorde
A World Alone – by: Lorde
The Change – by: Evanescence

 Fallen Рby: Volbeat
I Won’t Let You Go – by: Snow Patrol
Sacrifice – by: Zella Day
Kingdom Fall – by: Claire Wyndham
Sally’s Song – by: Amy Lee
A Better Believer – by: Volbeat
7 Shots – by: Volbeat
Mistake – by: Serial Joe