A Touch of Frost “Teaser”

I was frozen in mortification as the students laughed and passed by me.
Glancing up I watch as Tucker is pulled away by Mandy and William tosses his arm around Anna, not giving me another thought.
Not one person had stood up for me.
No one cared.
And in that moment I felt like the smallest person on the planet.
Even as the entrance cleared and the first bell rings for classes I stand in place not knowing what to do.
I wanted to run away, but at the same time I didn’t want to go home to my grandmother looking like this.
Moving over to a nearby bench I sit down and turn my face towards the sky as a few of my tears stream down my cheeks.
Suddenly, I find myself no longer alone as a stranger sits down on the bench with me.
I glance over and slyly study his shaggy blonde hair with blue tips and his strong jaw.
He was cute even as his nose scrunches up in disgust as his eyes turn to me. “You stink.”
Turning my full attention towards him I narrow my eyes. “Well, that’s what happens when a bunch of jerks, much like you, decide to pick on someone like me and throw god only knows what on my dress.”
“With that kind of attitude you probably deserved it.” He replies tersely. “And just out of curiosity why do you just assume I’m a jerk, you don’t even know who I am?”
My eyes study him from head to toe with a raised brow. “The way you’re dressed speaks enough, you’re probably friends with the jerks who did this to me.”
Shaking his head he disagrees. “I don’t even go to school here.”
“Then why are you even here, talking to me?” I question curiously.
He stands to his feet looking down at me. “Honestly, I don’t even know. I saw a girl sitting down looking sad and thought maybe I’d be nice, but obviously that was nothing but a mistake.”
Standing up to him I poke him directly in the chest in anger. “Maybe, if you would have used a better first line than ‘you stink’ I would have been a little nicer.”
Grinning he holds his hands in the air as he backs away. “I’ll remember that next time I decide to talk to another pretty, sad, girl.”
Turning on his heel he ends our conversation, or whatever you wanted to call it.
I’m left standing in place wonder what exactly had just happened and whether he really did give me a compliment.


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