Home “Teaser”

Home Cover 2Zach swings the door to the garage open and immediately curses as one of the infected rushes in after us.
He lets go of his horse’s reigns and I quickly grab them before the horse can run away.
I watch as Zach quickly takes the infected down with a precise hit to its head.
In the next moment we rush across the road. My heart nearly stops when we spot Gale lying on the floor, fighting for his life.
“A little help would be great right about now, Zach.” Gale grunts.
Behind us a low growl sounds out and without another thought I turn around to pull down the door to the garage.
There was no way I was going to let anymore of the infected inside with us.
The only bad part was that I had bathed us in darkness.
Both horses beside me trot in place, uneasy with our predicament.
Grunts echo around in the garage as Zach and Gale fight off the infected in the dark.
Frozen in fear I stand in place hoping and praying that neither one of them would get hurt. I didn’t fear them getting bitten though since they were immune but that didn’t mean that they couldn’t be gravely hurt.
When the grunting stops I wait on pins and needles for someone to say something.
I yelp when rough hands grab me.
“It’s just me, Darling.” Zach reassures.
“Did you kill it? Is Gale alright?” I question quickly.
“I’m fine, Sweetheart.” Gale answers.
I reach out my hand and he quickly places his in it to reassure me that he was alright. He knew all too well that I needed more than just words to know that he was okay in this darkness.
“I’m going to see if I can’t find us something to light this up so we can check the horses over and to get rid of these bodies.” Gale then grunts before his hand slips away from mine.
“We’ll stay here.” Zach replies.
Gale grunts in response before leaving us alone.
Silently Zach pulls me close and I rest my head on his chest to listen to his heart beating. I needed to hear it to reassure myself that he was still here with me, that he was still alive and breathing.
After a few minutes of silence Gale walks back into the room, bathing us in light from a battery operated lantern.
“This is all I could find but it’s perfect.” Gale states.
I release my hold on the horses as Gale moves over to his two first.
“It doesn’t look like they were touched.” Gale grunts.
He then moves over to the two I had brought with me to check them over from head to hoof. “These guys look alright too.”
“Are we still going to stay here for the night?” Gale then questions as he turns his attention towards Zach.
“Yeah, we all need at least one good night’s rest. The horses included.” Zach replies with a nod.
“Plus, I need one night with my girl before we start traveling again.” He then adds with a smirk.
Gale gins and pats Zach on the shoulder. “I’ll take first watch then once the sun goes down completely. For now I’m going to get a small nap in.”
Before Zach can say a word Gale rushes out of the room, leaving us in the darkness again.
“He’s a smart one.” Zach chuckles.
“Yeah, he is.” I agree with a laugh of my own.