Captured “Teaser”

Captured“You need to kick higher with your left foot, Piper.” Cam demands as we practice different fighting styles.
We had been at this every morning and afternoon for two months.
I couldn’t believe it had been that long since Marcus had been taken from me.
“I am kicking higher, Cam.” I huff out as I try the kick once again.
Other than practicing my fighting skills with Cam I hadn’t done much else.
Every part of me wanted nothing more than to find and rescue Marcus, but as far as I knew no one had found or heard anything about him yet.
So, fighting was the only thing I could focus my mind on.
As Cam blocks my kick again, I spin and catch Mason’s other brother Derek off guard. I slam my other foot into his chest and he falls back on his butt with an approving grin.
“Very nice, Piper, but you left your back open to attack.” He laughs as Cam grabs a hold of me from behind.
With my arms pinned behind my back I was utterly useless.
“I can’t take anymore of this today.” I pant as I slump from exhaustion.
Cam and I had been practicing for well over three hours so far today.
“You’re not done yet, Sis. We need to push your limits, when you’re fighting it won’t matter how tired you feel it’s going to be life or death.” Cam argues.
“What’s it even going to matter? No one even knows where Marcus is.” I huff out as I allow my body to fall to the ground.
This was a normal routine for me, I had thought about giving up nearly every day for the past two months.
I just couldn’t get past the hopelessness that I felt deep in my heart.
“Don’t give up yet, Piper. Dad will be coming back soon with Mason and Joel. Hopefully they will have some useful information for us.” Derek states as he casts a shadow over me.
“Are they bringing Alec back with them?” I ask.
“I believe so.” He answers.
“Did they get him to talk at all?” I question squinting up at him.
“I don’t think they did, Piper.” He answers with a shake of his head.
“We should just let Piper kill him, or at least act like she is. I bet he would talk then.” Cam growls out.
We were all frustrated with Alec.
Ever since we had captured him he hadn’t said a word.
He had literally taken a vow of silence. We had tried everything to get any kind of information out of him, but we were met with little success.
I had really been hoping that the mind reading angel that Gabriel and the others had taken him to would have gotten something, but we probably weren’t going to be that lucky.
“At this point, I’m all for just killing him.” I clip out seriously.
“You’re just going to have to wait and see what my father found out before you get all bloodthirsty, okay?” Derek laughs out.
Cam shakes his head and laughs out loudly as my eyes change from their normal baby blue to a deep dark red.
“You did it now, Derek. You just had to say the ‘B-word’, didn’t you?” Cam chuckles and Derek slams his palm against his forehead.
“I didn’t even think.” He whispers while watching me approach him.
“Well, at least now we can get a little extra practice in.” Cam grunts as he slams into me knocking me off my course.
“What are we going to play this time, keep away or hide and seek?” Derek laughs playfully as he dodges my outstretched arms.
Frustrated with their games, I stand straight and spread my wings.
The sunlight felt wonderful on my feathers.
I grin up at the sky for a moment before bending down to push off the ground.
With my wings spread I take flight, soaring far above the ground and over Cam and Derek.
“It looks like it’s going to be a game of keep away, Cam.” Derek yells as he pushes off the ground, his large black wings unfolding mid jump.


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