Piper is an unusual human, well at least that’s what she thinks.
She has wings, solid black wings, and the ability to fly.
For years, her mother and sister have been hiding her secret, going to great lengths and making sacrifices to keep Piper safe.
Moving from one town to the next, Piper dreams of just having a normal life, for her mother and sister not to have to live in fear everywhere they went and not to have to make sacrifices just for her.
She knows a normal life for her isn’t possible though.
But it could be normal for her family if she left when she turned eighteen.
What her life does become a week before she turns eighteen is nothing like what she had ever expected.
The father she never met appears.
Her wings change, and suddenly her whole life changes.
Piper quickly finds out that she is more than just unique.
She is a legend, a one of a kind.
She can bring harmony to the world, or she can destroy it.
As her life spins out of her control, and everything becomes a choice between light and dark, only one special angel can help her.
She has to learn quickly who to trust and who to fear.
Because most want to use her, and others want her dead.
One just wants to love her.