Silas 4.5

***This short novella is intended to give this series a different point of view. This story is not required to be read between Book Four and Book Five. Book Five will begin where Book Four left off.***

Told from Silas’s point of view.

When their lives seem to be calming down, a new discovery leaves Silas reeling. Their new little bundle of joy isn’t human. She’s a hybrid.
Emmalee is precisely what the council feared that she would be.
And now the clan is once again in danger.
Their only hope is for Silas to venture out on his own for answers. They need to find a way to convince the council that their daughter won’t be a threat. Silas knows the only way to persuade the council is with actual proof, which means leaving Linbridge to find another hybrid.
He has a mission, one that he can’t fail.
Thanks to his short time with Marcus, Silas knows just where to start.
Of course, leaving Linbridge and Harper behind isn’t easy, but Silas isn’t alone. Jack and Henri join Silas as he leaves the town and clan behind.
They travel far and wide following leads. With each failure to turn up a hybrid Silas loses hope.
The clock is ticking, putting them all closer to trouble.
Just when Silas is about to give up, they discover just what they’re searching for; a hybrid living among humans. She’s everything they could have hoped for, but first, Silas has to convince her that they desperately need her help.
It’s not an easy task, but Silas has to find a way.
Everyone he loves is depending on him to succeed.
He has no other choice.