Cover Reveal for Home, Book 3 in the Among the Dead Trilogy!!

Home Cover 2I chose this cover to go along with the other two that I already created for the Among the Dead Trilogy. ┬áThe first book, Alone, has you going down a road into the sunset. I wanted you to have the feel of going down that road alone. I believe that cover portrayed that perfectly. It was the calm before the storm. The second book, Escape, takes place in Rosenberg and the building on the cover was the building I described in the book itself. I used the picture to give me the idea. That cover was supposed to give you that grim feeling that River was feeling. It’s almost has a haunted feel to it. I also believe that cover was perfect in portraying the way that she felt. In this final book, Home, I wanted to bring light back into their world so I picked this to suit the mood. The sun’s shining on a brand new day and hope is in the air.



Help me pick a cover!!

Help me pick the new picture to use for the next and upcoming book in The Among the Dead Trilogy. Vote below for your favorite picture and it might just become the next cover for the last book in the trilogy. The title of this new book will be called “Home”.