Coming Soon!!

We have a release date for The Rebels. The Rebels will be released April 20th, 2018!! You can pre-order now, just follow the link below.

Becoming the rebel leader wasn’t what Nova expected to do, but fate had placed her in that very position. After being deceived by Edric, it only seemed natural to choose the side that stood against the Nokalt.

Of course being the leader isn’t easy, but with Ash by her side, Nova feels as if they can do anything. And with a rebel army behind them, the possibilities are limitless.

As the days go by Nova’s relationship with Ash grows stronger, but that doesn’t keep her from wanting someone else. She wants Wade. Something is pulling her to him, something that she can’t understand.

When the Nokalt attack without warning, everything spins out of control. Rebels die, and Wade is left knocking at death’s door.

The rebels want revenge. More

Cover Reveal for The Chosen!!

Chosen Cover Book 1This is the cover for my newest series, the project that I’ve been keeping secret for the past few months. Here it is in all its glory. Coming soon to a kindle near you 🙂

Nova has a great life. She has friends, a boyfriend, and a supportive family. It all appears perfect from the outside looking in. In truth it’s far from perfect. Her boyfriend, Aden, is a closely guarded secret. Her friends have nearly all left her, and her step-mother is cruel behind closed doors. More