Welcome to Rosenberg the town that promises safety and freedom from the infected.
There’s just one catch; the town isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
River is quick to find that out, but she tries to fit in and adjust to this new life. It is safe after all.
Making a life with Jessie doesn’t seem so bad.
They have an apartment together, and Jessie has a decent job that he does to make enough money to see them through. It would have helped if Davy and Kyra hadn’t left them to fend for themselves of course.
But they can’t do anything about that.
Trying to fit in River allows Jessie to talk her into going to one of the fights that the town held as entertainment.
What she finds there horrifies her.
The fights are held in a cage with human fighters pitted against the infected.
As she watches the horror of the fights play out in front of her one person tosses her world into a tailspin. In the cage before her fighting for his life is Zach.
There he was. The man that she had fallen for stuck in a cage like some sort of animal.
Unable to save him on her own she searches for the one person who would understand her need to save him.
She had to find Gale.

Gale meanwhile is locked up in a room within Rosenberg’s hospital. He was being treated as a human pincushion since he was immune to the virus that caused the infected.
When River rushes into his room in the hospital, he expects her to hate him for keeping his secrets.
Instead, she hugs him tightly as she falls apart. She didn’t hate him, but she needed help that he couldn’t give her.
Thankfully they had both made a friend in Rosenberg, Doctor Laken.
Jack agrees to help but when Zach gets bitten everything changes.
Jessie gets jealous, and when Zach works his way between River and him, Jessie shows his real colors. He shows the one side that Gale had warned them about.
The town that held so many promised begins to crumble from under their feet as the council tests them at every angle they can manage.
They want River to fall.
River and Zach have other plans, they’re going to escape.
The first to get away from Rosenberg, Gale becomes their only hope.
But will they all get out alive?
Will River be able to save Knox and Matt from Rosenberg as well, or will they be trapped forever fighting for their lives in a cage filled with the infected?
Hope and love will be the only things to keep them alive.