In the End

Stuck in Aden’s house of horrors Kenzie is losing all hope.
She hasn’t felt anything from Dax, and she hasn’t been able to reach him in any way through their connection. It’s like he had built up a brick wall.
Despair takes over.
Fear of dying in that horrid place fills her mind. Then again, maybe death wouldn’t be so bad. It couldn’t be any worse than losing Dax altogether.
Just when Kenzie doesn’t think she can handle any more trauma, Aden waltzes in with terrifying news.
Dax is dead.
It’s her worst fear confirmed. But how; how could he be dead while she’s still alive. It all becomes clear once the lies are revealed, and the real truths come out.
Dax isn’t dead, far from it actually. He’s on a mission to save his mate. He was coming for her and the others.
Finally, there is hope.
But how would Dax respond to knowing that Kenzie was pregnant? And last but not least, would she have to choose between Dax and Fox again. Who would she pick, the father of her baby or the mate that had stolen her heart?

The battle had already begun, but with the minor mishap of having all of his warriors spread apart, Dax had no choice but to retreat and regroup.
Now that they are back together as one he has to return. Aden must die, and the compound must be destroyed.
Kenzie has her own battles going on when Dax leaves to finish what he had started. The baby was pushing primal urges.
They were also affecting Dax while he was in the middle of his battles, which makes for a dangerous combination.
The urges and emotions that Dax feels from Kenzie only drive his hatred for her child higher. He doesn’t like the fact that it isn’t his, but he wouldn’t dare tell her that.
Kenzie knows how Dax feels though, their connection doesn’t allow for secrets to be kept.
Only time will tell if Dax will come around.
Then again, this could be the one thing that will split them up and force them to go their separate ways.
The future is yet to be written.

They had won the war with Aden, and things seemed to finally be going their way.
Dax was still a little distant, but it was something that Kenzie thought they could overcome.
It isn’t until Dax tells her to leave that it hits Kenzie. Maybe things couldn’t work between them.
The baby growing inside her wasn’t something that Dax could easily get over. Leaving Dax was the only thing she could do, but it would break her heart in the process.
The only problem she has is where she should go, and who would keep her safe?
There was one person still out there who cared for her, loved her, and who could be a father figure for her unborn child.
And that’s where she was going to go.
Before she can get anywhere the baby decides now is the time to be born, and once again Kenzie’s life is thrown off course.
It does bring Dax back but having this new powerful child brings other dangers.
Only time will tell if they will be able to escape.
And only love can conquer all.