The Vampires of Linbridge

Book One – Bitten 

Bitten (The Vampires of Linbridge #1)

Harper is a young girl who grew up in a special town, a town called Linbridge. What’s so special about this town? Well, it might be the simple fact that most of its residents are vampires. They aren’t the bloodthirsty type though. They only want to live in peaceful harmony with the humans surrounding them. Of course, no one dares to defy the rules that the vampires have placed over the town.
When Harper’s eighteenth birthday comes, it comes with the chance to become a protected or an unclaimed. The protected are well taken care of by their vampire protectors while the unclaimed are fair game for whatever goes bump in the night.
A week before her birthday her current protector, Finnick, rejects his claim to continue being her protector. Harper’s whole world changes in an instant, but it’s not all bad. She meets a few new friends. There’s a connection she has with them, one that she can’t exactly explain. Along with the new friends, she is reunited with an old one, Alex. He’s one of the unclaimed.
Just when things seem to be at their best, everything once again crumbles down around Harper. Lies are uncovered, and some truths are revealed. There’s a bigger picture to Harper’s connection with her newest friends. They aren’t what they seem. In fact, they aren’t even human. They’re vampires, part of a vampire clan to be precise and they hunt down other vampires who break the laws of their kind.
Harper soon falls for one of the clan members, but it all comes unraveled with the sudden appearance of an old flame. Clara has held the clan’s hearts for centuries.
Will Clara’s past with the clan destroy everything Harper has or will another threat take her life away? Can love prevail or will it only destroy her more?
Harper may run, but she won’t be able to hide forever.

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Book 1.5 – Erik

A novella told from Erik’s point of view.

This short novella is intended to give this series a different point of view. This story is not required to be read between Book One and Book Two. Book Two will begin where Book One left off.

In an instant, Erik’s life comes crashing down around him. He runs after Harper only to find out that she’s attacked Clara, Ivan, and James.
Unfortunately, Clara’s dead.
Her death sends Ivan into a tailspin. He wants Harper to pay for the damage that she’s done.
Erik realizes too late what led up to this. They had pushed Harper too far. This mess was their own fault. Clara’s death was on their own hands, not Harper’s.
Of course getting Ivan to realize that takes time, time that they don’t have.
In order to keep Harper safe, Erik does the only thing he can to ensure that Clara’s death doesn’t get pinned on her. He lies. He blames a known killer. Marcus. This lie comes with a price. The council wants him caught. They want Erik, Ivan, and James to hunt him down.
Given no other choice, Erik agrees. Getting Ivan to agree to it is another story, and getting James to agree to the hunt is impossible when his attentions are only aimed at getting Harper back.
The clan breaks apart, but Erik manages to pull it back together, if only for a moment.
While James runs after Harper, Erik works with Ivan to mend their relationship while they hunt down Marcus. No matter what they have to make certain the lies that they’ve spun are never uncovered.
Will they be able to capture this dangerous vampire? They will, but only if they work together.

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Book Two – Blood

Running from Linbridge is the last thing Harper ever expected to be doing, but she has no other choice. There was no way she could stay, especially after killing Clara and attacking Ivan and James.
At least she doesn’t have to run alone. Drake stays by her side through it all, just like he had promised.
Even though they intended to run far from Linbridge, they end up staying in the neighboring town where they find a friendly hotel owner who gives them a much-needed break.
Just when Harper has a chance to catch a breath, the clan finds her. James finds her, and he’s not about to leave without her. Surprisingly he doesn’t hold what Harper had done against her. James only wants her to be safe, and right now she’s not exactly safe, not with the vampire that Erik and Ivan are after running loose.
After some convincing, Harper gives in and allows James back into her life. After all, he hadn’t hurt her nearly as bad as Ivan and Erik had. James had remained in the background, until now. Now he was the only connection to the clan that Harper had. If she ever expected to get them back, she needed to form a strong relationship with James.
With time and a push from James, Harper gives in and returns to Linbridge. Of course, the fact that Ivan and Erik have been oddly silent pushes Harper to make her decision quicker.
Once James and Harper return to Linbridge, they become increasingly worried, and for good reason; Ivan and Erik have changed, and not in a good way. They’ve allowed their vampire sides to take over entirely, causing them to be vicious and cruel.
Bringing them back lands on Harper’s shoulders.
She’s the only one who can reach their softer sides.
Just when things seem to be coming back together, everything spins further out of control, especially after she meets the newest resident of Linbridge. Silas, he’s human, but there’s something that’s drawing Harper towards him. His blood is calling to her even though she can’t drink it.
There’s only one choice to make, but that decision just causes more problems. Marcus attacks and takes Silas away once he learns about Harper’s connection with him. Marcus then uses that bond to torture Harper along with Erik, Ivan, and James. He aims to destroy everything they have unless they give in to his demands.
The clan isn’t going to allow that to happen, not without a fight.
Marcus has to be destroyed.
Unfortunately, once they finally get the upper hand on Marcus the hope of getting Silas back disappears.
Harper’s left with more choices to make, ones that could cause the end of her or the end of the clan. For now, all that Harper can do is keep Silas from completely losing hope.
They will find him; they just need more time and a little luck on their side.

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Book 2.5 – Ivan

A novella told from Ivan’s point of view.

This short novella is intended to give this series a different point of view. This story is not required to be read between Book Two and Book Three. Book Three will begin where Book Two left off.

Ivan has a war brewing inside of him.
He can’t escape the messes that he’s made and he can’t seem to figure out how to fix his relationship with Harper. He feels more like an outsider rather than part of the clan.
It doesn’t help that he also feels as if Harper is replacing him with Silas.
Struggling to contain his inner demons Ivan realizes that he can’t fight them on his own. He needs Erik. He needs James, and he needs Harper most of all.
Meanwhile, the search for Silas continues. Just when they lose hope of finding him Harper reveals a clue to where Marcus may have hidden him.
The clock ticks as the clan and Ivan rush to find Silas.
Just when everything comes together, Ivan faces the reality of mortality. Thanks to one of Marcus’s traps Ivan’s life is put at risk. He realizes that this might be the end, but he’s not going down without a fight. He’s got too much to live for.
Will he survive? With a little luck, he might.

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Book Three – Eternal

Finding Silas wasn’t easy, but it doesn’t compare to what happens next. Everything seems to be stacking up against the clan. Time is running out and with every second that ticks by the risk to Harper’s life becomes greater.
As if things couldn’t get worse, once the clan returns to Linbridge they quickly find themselves in danger once again. Instead of vindictive vampires to worry about, they have to fear Hunters.
They’ve come for Ivan. His mistakes are quickly catching up to him.
Of course, they’re not going to make it easy for the Hunters to take Ivan away. Hiding in plain sight is their only option.
While everything spins out of control around them, Harper works her hardest to mend their relationships. Each of them has their own fair share of problems. Silas isn’t the same thanks to the trauma that he’s endured, Ivan is depressed, and Erik has the weight of Linbridge’s future on his shoulders.
And Harper…Harper is finding it hard to face her new reality.
James is the only one who has the least amount of issues.
Before they can move forward, they must heal their inner wounds. It’s not easy. Things don’t go their way, and when Harper becomes sick it becomes even more difficult.
Their strength will be put to the test and their relationships will grow but will it be enough? Will it keep them from heartbreak? Will Harper be able to survive the loss of someone close?
Even James’s visions can’t predict what will happen. Nothing is written in stone, and their choices have significant consequences.
Those choices threaten to destroy everything.
Love and a little luck are the only things that will keep them together.

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Book 3.5 – James

A novella told from James’s point of view.

This short novella is intended to give this series a different point of view. This story is not required to be read between Book Three and Book Four. Book Four will begin where Book Three left off.

Just when everything seems to be falling apart, it suddenly comes back together leaving James and the clan in a state of shock. One second Ivan was gone and the next he’s living and breathing as if nothing had ever happened. It’s a joyous moment but one that doesn’t feel real.
Once the shock wears off James is left with some unresolved feelings that had been bothering him even before Ivan’s death. They need to be dealt with, but first, he has a detour to take.
That detour takes him to Jack’s hotel along with Drake.
Staying at Jack’s are a small group of hunters; hunters who have ties to the ones who had nearly destroyed the clan. To defeat the threat that they pose James is more than ready to kill. He’s prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure Harper’s safety, but he’s also determined to handle the situation without Erik.
Of course, when Erik finds out about James’s secret, he rushes in to take over. His presence alone annoys James. He’s had enough of taking orders and lately Erik has been more overbearing than usual.
They clash, and Erik does something drastic to put James back into his place. It’s a move that ends up nearly costing James his life when they attack the hunters.
After the hunters are destroyed James and Erik are left figuring out how to repair their relationship. They find their way but not before their lives become even more complicated.
Will this new complication destroy their clan entirely or will it bring them closer? Only time will tell.

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Book 4 – Endless

By some miracle or maybe just a little dumb luck, Ivan has returned. His body is healed but left in a weakened state. No matter, Harper and the clan are thrilled that he’s back.
Unfortunately, Ivan coming back starts a whole new chain of events.
There’s something wrong with Ivan, and it quickly becomes clear that the only way to fix what’s wrong is to reestablish the clans’ connections with each other.
It’s an easy enough task to complete, but it’s made a little more challenging with Erik’s sudden aggressiveness. The clans’ eagerness to reestablish their connections might have something to do with that, though.
Piece by piece, they each find their place.
The only issue now is Harper’s sudden bouts of sickness and what it means.
No matter what, no one can find out about Harper’s pregnancy, especially not the council. If they were to find out, it could put the entire clan in danger.
Erik suggests they move to a house closer to the Linbridge border. If danger comes, then the house provides an easier escape from their town and the council. Harper agrees to the move. She’s ready to put the past behind her, and the house they’re currently in holds too many horrible reminders of the past events.
Before they get the chance to move, something unexpected happens. The baby grows, and Harper’s pregnancy becomes noticeable.
Now, hiding is her only option, but when that fails, she’s forced to run.
With Silas and Drake by her side, Harper is forced to leave Erik, James, and Ivan behind to deal with the council. It’s all for the best.
Leaving will ensure their safety, at least for now.
But will defying the council mean that the clan will never be able to return to Linbridge? Will Harper have to run for the rest of their lives if her baby is born a hybrid?
One thing is clear; as long as they’re together, the clan can weather any storm that might come their way.
They will do whatever it takes to survive.

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