Stolen (When Worlds Collide and Stars Align)

My name is Phoenix.
I’m your average kind of girl, long brown hair, medium height, and large brown doe eyes.
Yeah, yeah, I know you’re thinking to yourself that there’s nothing special about me, right?
I’m currently living in space on a far off, unknown planet with my ex-boyfriend and his best friend.
What I really find strange is all of the planets and creatures out here.
Think of every myth and legend that you’ve heard of as a kid.
Now, erase that because they aren’t so much actually myths or legends, they are very real.
Angels and Demons are an everyday occurrence.
Instead of heaven and hell, they have their own planets, their own worlds and that is just the surface that I have scratched.
And if you think things can’t get much stranger, you’re wrong again.
Thanks to my bond with my intended mate being broken I now have a split personality, and that my evil side wants to kill everyone around me.
Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention that I’m also in love with my dead mate’s brother.
Yeah, I know it sounds like a crazy story, but it’s all true.
Who would have thought that on my eighteenth birthday that I’d be kidnapped and taken away from the only home I ever knew.
I really miss Earth and my family, but over the past few months I’ve come to find that home is where you make it, and that love will pop up in the most unexpected places.
Even though I’m millions, if not billions of miles from home I’m learning to live this life I’ve been thrown into. I’m going where few have ever even dreamed of going.
And there is so much more that I have yet to learn.
I am Phoenix Mason, and this is my story.