After Gage’s death, Parker doesn’t know how she will go on.
It certainly doesn’t help that her now broken bond is forcing her to relive that horrific moment over and over again.
Every time she falls asleep she’s haunted.
She’s stuck in a never-ending loop that feels completely real, so real that at times Parker doesn’t know reality from her dreams.
That is until her dream changes, and someone new pops up in Gage’s place.
He was so much like Gage, but different all the same.
Once Parker returns to reality, she allows her curiosity to guide her on a path that takes her to a familiar hotel where the Hunters stayed.
There she finds the guy from her dream, Blue.
He’s everything she imagined him to be but with one major catch. Blue is a Hunter.
Parker’s world quickly spins out of control to the point where she has a hard time telling the difference between what’s actually happened and what hasn’t.
Everything becomes clear the moment her past dream about Blue becomes a reality.
Only she can save him from the gun pointed at his head.
Making a split second decision, she attacks the shooter. Her attack stops Blue from being killed instantly, but it doesn’t prevent fate.
Parker has another decision to make. She has to decide whether or not to change Blue into a wolf in order to save his life or to just let him go.
She changes him.
But that comes with its own consequences.
Blue hates her and what he’s become.
After everything that she’s been through will Parker be able to win over Blue’s heart? Will she be able to turn his hatred into love?
Better yet, will Blue be able to break the cycle that Parker has had to relive?
Only time can decide.
But time is also against them.