Eternal 3

Finding Silas wasn’t easy, but it doesn’t compare to what happens next. Everything seems to be stacking up against the clan. Time is running out and with every second that ticks by the risk to Harper’s life becomes greater.
As if things couldn’t get worse, once the clan returns to Linbridge they quickly find themselves in danger once again. Instead of vindictive vampires to worry about, they have to fear Hunters.
They’ve come for Ivan. His mistakes are quickly catching up to him.
Of course, they’re not going to make it easy for the Hunters to take Ivan away. Hiding in plain sight is their only option.
While everything spins out of control around them, Harper works her hardest to mend their relationships. Each of them has their own fair share of problems. Silas isn’t the same thanks to the trauma that he’s endured, Ivan is depressed, and Erik has the weight of Linbridge’s future on his shoulders.
And Harper…Harper is finding it hard to face her new reality.
James is the only one who has the least amount of issues.
Before they can move forward, they must heal their inner wounds. It’s not easy. Things don’t go their way, and when Harper becomes sick it becomes even more difficult.
Their strength will be put to the test and their relationships will grow but will it be enough? Will it keep them from heartbreak? Will Harper be able to survive the loss of someone close?
Even James’s visions can’t predict what will happen. Nothing is written in stone, and their choices have significant consequences.
Those choices threaten to destroy everything.
Love and a little luck are the only things that will keep them together.