A New World

Still in Aden’s grasp, Kenzie begs for an end to his torture. Every part of her hurts, including her heart.
She gives up and gives into wanting everything to just end. All she wants is to escape the nightmare.
Day after day, hour after slow hour Aden continues to ask the same question. Where is he? But Kenzie doesn’t even know who Aden is referring to.
When her question is finally answered, she knows that she must keep his secret.
Death whispers her name, but Aden won’t allow it and neither will an unexpected Gealtach friend, Dax.
What happens will change Mac’s future forever. But will Fox still want her this way?
Being something not quite human is a major change for Kenzie. Then again, being a mix of three different beings has its own complications, especially since no one has ever been mixed up like this before.
With a bond between both Dax and Fox, Kenzie has to choose.
Before she has a chance to escape it all, Aden yet again interrupts her life. He takes everyone away from her.
When everything in her life shatters into pieces, one unlikely being comes to help.
Storm, Fox’s brother, quickly allies with Kenzie even though she has fears of his powers. And for good reason; he’s dangerous, very dangerous.
Both Storm and Kenzie begin planning on how to get his brother and her team back. Before they get a chance to put their plan into action, they are forced to flee.
Instead of just going somewhere safe on Eden One, Mac transports them to the space station.
Everything changes from there, but those changes won’t come without a cost.
There will be blood.
There will be death.
And Kenzie’s world will take yet another turn.

After finally getting free from the cell on the human’s space station, Storm finds out that Kenzie wasn’t the one who had rescued him.
It was Dax that had saved him.
Kenzie, on the other hand, had other things going on.
She had gone mad.
Without hesitating Storm throws himself into a new mission along with Dax.
He needed to find her and bring her back, but first, he had to bring back his dead brother, Fox. With his help, they could fix Dax and Kenzie’s broken bond.
In order to bring Fox back from death’s door Storm first needs to find his long-lost brothers, Leaf, the leader of the wolvetts, and their other brother Ronan.
Of course finding them would be the easy part. Talking them into helping him bring back a brother that hadn’t been so nice, that was going to be the hardest part.
Will it be enough though? Together can they save Kenzie?