Taken from her wedding, Parker quickly finds herself in a world of trouble.
She finds herself right back in the one place she had escaped, the Island.
Dillon and London are with her making matters that much dire.
Unlike last time she doesn’t want to risk anyone’s life in order for them to escape. The last thing she wants to do is lose someone else.
She especially doesn’t want to lose Blue, not when she’s so close to happiness.
What she doesn’t know is that someone very close to her isn’t who she thinks they are.
Every step they take to get away only ends up getting thwarted.
Parker is being betrayed.
When Parker does find out who is against them, her heart hardens. There’s no one she seems to be able to trust completely.
She surely can’t trust Emmett.
There are only a handful of people she can truly trust with her life, and most of them are locked in the Island with her.
But will the help on the outside she has be enough to help her, Dillon, London, and their new friend Rage escape?
Or will everything just go down in flames?
Either way, she refuses to let Blue die for her.