Rock Me

Late night parties, adoring fans, and long road trips are just part of life when you’re part of a rising band. Of course, not everyone gets the attention they want or deserve. And as Chloe’s band Cyclone Lies grows in popularity, she quickly realizes how lonely being the only female of the group can be. While her band-mates Marshal, Russell, and Micah, are surrounded nightly by groups of girls, Chloe is left all alone. But that’s not the worst part; the worst part is watching the one guy she’s secretly in love with surrounded by all those girls. Not once has Marshal noticed her love for him, and that only makes the situation worse for Chloe. She has no idea how to get his attention. When Chloe stumbles upon Marshal in an intimate position with a girl on their tour bus, she gives up. Chloe’s convinced that he will never feel the same way about her. Tension builds between Chloe and Marshal until she finally admits how she feels to Marshal. She walks away from Marshal before he can respond. That’s when she meets Shiloh. He’s the lead singer in a rival band called Lucky August. He quickly takes an interest in Chloe. Shiloh makes Chloe feel wanted and gives her everything that she had ever wanted from Marshal. Sadly Shiloh isn’t all that he seems, but Chloe can’t see past his mask. As her relationship with Shiloh grows deeper, Marshal becomes more distant and angry. Chloe faces one hurdle after another as she fights to keep her relationship with Shiloh from tearing her band apart. Will she throw it all away for possible love? Will she realize Shiloh isn’t the guy she thinks he is? Only Chloe’s true love can rock her world and save her from herself.