Clover’s life is pretty normal. She shares an apartment with her best friend, Amanda, and is a student in college. The only issue she’s facing are the awkward moments in the apartment with Amanda’s boyfriend, Mitch. Instead of spending time at the apartment Clover begins hiding out at school.

When her best guy friends Dimitri, Gavin, and Dane find out what’s happening they offer her one of their empty rooms in their house. At first, she doesn’t accept their offer, but after one more awkward encounter with Amanda and Mitch, Clover decides to move so that her best friend can have the space that they need.

Was asking Clover to move in a mistake? It might have been, but Dimitri, Gavin, and Dane can’t turn back now. They have to deal with the fact that the girl that they are all madly in love with is now living under their roof. The worst part is that they are forbidden to touch her. If they do they risk the wrath of a very dangerous vampire named Thomas.

Of course, they have no idea that Clover has been crushing on them for a very long time. Being closer to them is a dream come true, but she can’t admit that to them. It’s too embarrassing because she’s nothing like the girls that typically hang out with Dimitri, Gavin, and Dane. She’s convinced herself that they wouldn’t even be interested.
No matter how the guys feel, they must keep Clover from discovering their secrets. She can’t find out that they aren’t exactly human or that they have been protecting her since high school.

It only takes a day of living together for things to come unraveled.

The guys are barely able to stay in control of their actions. When Dimitri suddenly gives in to his desires and kisses Clover, it ends up pushing her into another guy’s arms. What makes it worse is the fact that this new guy has his own secret and nothing that Dimitri, Gavin, and Dane do intimidates him into leaving Clover.

That’s when things really begin to spin out of control.

Thomas shows up without warning and forces the guys to add Lincoln to their pack before nearly killing Dane. It’s the last thing that anyone wanted, but adding Lincoln to their pack comes with a perk. They now have strength in numbers to free themselves from the vampire’s grasp.

In a desperate attempt to keep Clover close the guys reveal their feelings for her. They try to convince Clover that the four of them would be more than willing to share her, but she isn’t quite as willing to jump into that kind of relationship. She’s unsure how it would even work.

Clover hides from Dimitri, Gavin, Dane, and even Lincoln before realizing that she can’t live without each of them in her life. Instead of beginning a relationship with all of them she tries to create boundaries so that she can be with Lincoln, and only Lincoln. It’s a difficult decision, but one that she believes has to be made.

Those boundaries don’t last long.

Meanwhile, Clover uncovers Dimitri, Gavin, Dane, and Lincoln’s secrets and then ultimately decides to give in to her own desires.

But before the guys can openly be with Clover, they need to get rid of Thomas to keep him from taking her away. With a little help from some unexpected sources, they might just have a chance.

Will the guys manage to destroy Thomas? Will they be able to share Clover or will she decide that only one guy will do? Can they build a life together, or will jealousy cause everything to fall apart? Only they can decide what paths to take, and control their happily ever after.

***Warning- Contains some strong language***