The Rebels

Becoming the rebel leader wasn’t what Nova expected to do, but fate had placed her in that very position. After being deceived by Edric, it only seemed natural to choose the side that stood against the Nokalt.
Of course being the leader isn’t easy, but with Ash by her side, Nova feels as if they can do anything. And with a rebel army behind them, the possibilities are limitless.
As the days go by Nova’s relationship with Ash grows stronger, but that doesn’t keep her from wanting someone else. She wants Wade. Something is pulling her to him, something that she can’t understand.
When the Nokalt attack without warning, everything spins out of control. Rebels die, and Wade is left knocking at death’s door.
The rebels want revenge.
Nova has a choice to make. She needs to prove that she’s a strong rebel leader like her brother. She makes some difficult decisions. In the end, Nova gives the rebels precisely what they want.
They attack the Nokalt where they least expect it, and they hit them hard. No one dies, but the rebels manage to capture more than enough Nokalt prisoners to bargain with. With those prisoners, Nova hopes to get the rebels that the Nokalt had taken and her brother back.
Unfortunately, the rebels have other ideas. They want more than equal rights. They want the Nokalt destroyed.
Nova quickly finds herself in a new world of trouble that she has no control over.
Edric is the only one who can save her, but he’s got a few problems of his own. The only option he has left is to bring Ethan back to Nova.
That plan backfires. The rebels don’t trust Ethan, and they definitely don’t trust Nova or Ash anymore.
Nova and Ethan have only one option left. They had to escape. They have to leave the rebels behind or risk dying for a cause that they no longer believe in.
Getting out alive brings a whole new set of problems. Not everything is as it seems and the people closest to Nova end up being the ones who betray her the worst. Everything that happens pushes Nova farther away from the people she loves.
Edric is Nova’s only hope but will he still want to save her? Will she still want him? Will their connection bring them back together or will they lose each other forever?
Only fate knows what will happen next.