Forever 5

Just when everything seems to be going their way, everything comes to a screeching halt.
Their daughter isn’t human as they thought. She’s a hybrid.
And if the council finds out…
Well, they’re as good as dead.
Their only hope is finding another hybrid and proving to the council that hybrids are harmless. It’s a feat easier said than done.
Silas convinces a hybrid woman named Mari to come to Linbridge, but even though she seems nice, she is anything but. The hybrid has a history in Linbridge, and instead of wanting to help Harper and her daughter, she is out for revenge.
Thankfully there is someone who can stop her.
The only hitch…she has to grow up first.
Before things can get better, everything gets so much worse. Vampires die, and loved ones are threatened. Harper, Silas, Erik, Ivan, and James are once again forced to risk their lives to save others.
Will they survive? Will Linbridge fall?
Only one person will be able to save it all, but will it be too late? Hopefully not.

***Forever is the final book in The Vampires of Linbridge Series.***