When Tomorrow Never Comes

Evette is a sweet girl, a quiet girl, one that was stuck in the foster care system from a young age. After years of being passed around to multiple families that have only promised her broken dreams, she finally finds the perfect place.
Evette has everything she could want. She has the love of a mother and father, even a brother and sister.
Everything is perfect until she makes one mistake, one that would cost Eve her boyfriend, Cole. Not only does she lose Cole but she also loses his twin brother Liam.
After losing them and losing the family that she had come to love, Eve once again finds herself being passed from one home to the next while being haunted by Cole’s memories.
They had spent three years together. Most of their time together had been perfect, but there had also been some dark moments.
Cole had always promised her that tomorrow would come for them both, that their life together would continue on. It was a promise that he was always supposed to keep, but sadly for Eve life had charged forward while Cole had remained behind. His life cut too short by his own hands.
With a broken heart and nightmares of what Cole had done, Eve must find her way through the fog that has suddenly shrouded her life.
She must find a way to rid herself of the demons that haunt her every moment while being passed from one strange home to the next.
Luckily she finds an odd couple to take her in. They are her saviors, her instant protectors. Matt and Eric quickly fill her life with meaning again, and with their help, she finds a way to live with constant thoughts of Cole.
The only problem she ends up facing is how to deal with being home again, and in the same town that she had been in with Cole. Not to mention that she now lives a few houses away from the family that had given her away so carelessly.
Now, she has to face her fears and face Liam.
She has to decide whether or not to pursue a relationship with the one person that reminds her most of Cole or to chase after the new boy across the street, Jayce.
Will she be able to love again, or will the memories haunting her keep her from finding the love she so desperately needs?
Truths are revealed and hidden emotions spring forth, but only Eve’s heart will be able to decide her fate. Her heart will decide her future.