Addilyn had been on top. She had great friends and an even greater boyfriend. All of that changed with one small decision, one mistake on someone else’s part.
A drunk driver took everything she loved away.
Everything changed from that moment on. She was no longer the girl that she once knew. Addilyn couldn’t even recognize that girl in her mirror. After the accident, the ghosts of her friends haunt her causing her to have terrible nightmares which disrupt her family. When Addilyn’s father gives her mother an ultimatum, her mother makes a difficult decision.
They leave him behind for a better life. Unfortunately, a better life isn’t easily found. They move to town after town until they find one that her mother has high hopes for. There Addilyn meets a handsome boy, Nash, who sees past her scars. The only bad news is that he’s already in a relationship. Of course, there’s another person in this town that Addilyn hoped never to see again. Weston, he’s the only other survivor of the crash. Surprisingly he ends up being the support she needs to get through the days ahead. Nash is a huge help too, but the more time they spend together the closer they get.
Even when Nash ends his relationship with his girlfriend for Addilyn, she pushes him away. It’s done out of fear. She doesn’t want to lose someone she loves again, but she can’t deny the fact that there’s something huge between them. Along the road ahead Addilyn has some difficult decisions to make, hearts to break, and long days of recovery ahead. Will she be strong enough to let go or will her ghosts haunt her forever? Will she allow Nash in, will she let herself love again? Only fate can decide.