Love Unexpected

Scarlett is a loner, but not exactly by choice. At one time she had been surrounded by a loving father mother and best friend.
All of that ended with a series of unfortunate events.
Now, Scarlett’s mother Vivian is gone for days, weeks, and even months at a time. Scarlett is left alone to fend for herself while mommy dearest searches for her next rich target.
When Vivian meets a wealthy man with two sons, she drags Scarlett along for the ride.
The last thing that Scarlett wants to do is be friends with Ashton and Drake. She tries to keep her distance, but the brothers have other ideas. They want to make her life miserable.
Of course, her mother is already making sure that every moment of every day is terrible.
After a while, Ash and Drake begin to take pity on Scarlett. And once they realize how horrible Vivian is they start to protect her. Scarlett quickly finds out that she has a lot in common with Ash and that connection pulls them closer together.
The second Vivian learns about Scarlett’s new relationship she sets out to destroy it.
When Vivian threatens to take Scarlett away Benjamin, Ash and Drake’s father, steps in to keep that from happening.
Unfortunately, Vivian won’t let Scarlett go without a fight. This time is different though; Scarlett isn’t going to give up easily, not when she’s finally found a family that cares about her and a great guy who she’s falling in love with.
With everything on the line, Scarlett has to put her life into a stranger’s hands.
But will it be enough to keep her mother from taking her away? Will Scarlett be forced to leave those that she’s come to love? Or will she be able to stay with Ash?
Scarlett’s path may take some unexpected turns, but in the end, she will find happiness.