Finding our Pack

Jade has a dream; she wants a pack to call her own and alpha to love her.
Unfortunately, that’s not what Jade has gotten. Her path has already been chosen for her. Jade has an alpha, but Holden doesn’t love her, let alone show her any affection.
She’s left watching him with other females in the community, and there’s nothing that she can do to stop him. No amount of pleading with Holden gets the results that she wants.
While the alpha ignores her, Holden’s second and brother Flint doesn’t. He gives Jade the love that she longs for, but they must keep their feelings for each other hidden.
When Holden rejects her one last time, Jade gives up. She is tired of waiting for a moment that may never come. Jade shares herself with Flint in a desperate attempt for happiness, but it backfires when Holden catches them. Holden decides he no longer wants Jade or Flint in his pack. He ends up getting both of them expelled from their community.
Now, Jade must find a new pack. If she doesn’t, she’ll never be allowed to come back home.
With Flint by her side, Jade goes in search of an alpha and pack that will accept them and their love for each other. It almost seems like an impossible task, but maybe, just maybe, fate has a better future in store for them.