Fly Away

Hadley is a special girl. What makes her so unique? Hadley is a shapeshifter, but not just any ordinary shapeshifter. She’s a dragon. A fire-breathing dragon to be exact. Her boyfriend, Grainger, and best friend, Ginger, are also dragons.
Actually, Hadley lives with an entire colony of dragons; or better known as the Bear Ridge colony. They aren’t the only ones out there though. There are other colonies of dragons roaming freely with unsuspecting humans. They’ve been able to keep their secret for hundreds of years, and they plan to keep it a closely guarded secret for many more.
In less than a week Hadley’s life is going to change. Fly Day, the day that their colony celebrates the union between young dragons choosing their forever mates. It’s a day that Hadley has been both excited for and dreading.
The excitement is overshadowed by fear, the fear of losing Grainger before Fly Day. They’ve been in a relationship for a few years, but he seems to be pulling away. Hadley doesn’t want to end up like her sister before her, so she fights to hold onto their relationship.
Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned. Fly Day comes and then goes, and Hadley’s heart is left shattered.
As if things couldn’t get worse, she’s forced to leave the only place that she’s ever known. Thankfully, she doesn’t have to leave by herself. Hadley’s best friend, Ginger, and her mate, Robin, go with her. They couldn’t bear to leave her all alone, especially after what had happened.
Together they travel to the nearest colony where they hope to be accepted. This new colony provides safety and family; all of the things that Hadley needs the most. It also offers the possibility of a new relationship.
Hawke is the up and coming leader of the Willow Creek colony. He’s strong and handsome with a hint of darkness; everything that Hadley’s attracted to. There’s also this instant connection that neither of them can deny.
Just as Hadley’s heart begins to heal, it all comes crumbling down around her again.
She’s faced with a choice, a choice that she’d rather not make. Either she stays with Hawke, who she’s fallen for, or she returns to Grainger, who she’s come to hate. It’s an easy decision, but it comes with a price since Grainger doesn’t want to give her up.
Hawke isn’t willing to let her go without a fight.
A battle for her heart is the only way for this to end, but who will survive? Hadley isn’t sticking around to find out. There’s no way that she’ll ever go back with Grainger.
Her only hope is that Hawke will win.