Escaping Rosenberg hadn’t exactly been the easiest task but the tragedy that comes after nearly destroys River.
She once again finds herself all alone. With her heart shattered into pieces and her hope dwindling by the second she musters up just enough strength to continue on.
She couldn’t quit now. Giving up wasn’t in her no matter how much she wanted to end it all.
After roaming aimlessly through the forest that she had found escape in, she manages to find a safe place to rest in a small town with a secret past of its own. God only knows what had happened once upon a time in the upstairs of the house she chooses to hide in.
With the threat of Rosenberg behind her, it will have to do. She just has to hope that the house’s previous occupants don’t return.
Just when she loses all hope of finding her family and Zach again, she sees him, standing in the window of the house across the street. Within seconds everything is threatened to be taken away from her once more.
Davy has her in his grasp, but not for long.
As he takes his last breath, he reveals an agenda that they hoped wouldn’t be true. Rosenberg will do anything to kill them all. That threat only leaves River, Zach, and the others one option to take. They must take down Rosenberg and its leaders in order to secure their future.
But how, how can they take it down without an army? It’s nearly impossible until fate brings that army directly to their doorstep.
The question now is will it be enough. Will they win their war with the town or will they lose? Will death come for them or will River finally find peace in a new home?
With a little luck, they might just make it.