Erik 1.5

***This short novella is intended to give this series a different point of view. This story is not required to be read between Book One and Book Two. Book Two will begin where Book One left off.***

Told from Erik’s point of view.

In an instant, Erik’s life comes crashing down around him. He runs after Harper only to find out that she’s attacked Clara, Ivan, and James.
Unfortunately, Clara’s dead.
Her death sends Ivan into a tailspin. He wants Harper to pay for the damage that she’s done.
Erik realizes too late what led up to this. They had pushed Harper too far. This mess was their own fault. Clara’s death was on their own hands, not Harper’s.
Of course getting Ivan to realize that takes time, time that they don’t have.
In order to keep Harper safe, Erik does the only thing he can to ensure that Clara’s death doesn’t get pinned on her. He lies. He blames a known killer. Marcus. This lie comes with a price. The council wants him caught. They want Erik, Ivan, and James to hunt him down.
Given no other choice, Erik agrees. Getting Ivan to agree to it is another story, and getting James to agree to the hunt is impossible when his attentions are only aimed at getting Harper back.
The clan breaks apart, but Erik manages to pull it back together, if only for a moment.
While James runs after Harper, Erik works with Ivan to mend their relationship while they hunt down Marcus. No matter what they have to make certain the lies that they’ve spun are never uncovered.
Will they be able to capture this dangerous vampire? They will, but only if they work together.