Torn in Two

Torn in Two CoverWaking up in a burned out room once was strange enough for Kenzie, but to wake up in the same place over and over again was too much.
At first everything appeared normal, or at least as normal got for Kenzie.
When it quickly turns into a nightmare Kenzie finds herself thrown into making a major decision. Who will she choose? Will she go for this new Duine, Leaf?
Her maddening dream ends up taking away that decision for her. She decides on Leaf, he was supposed to be her true mate after all.
Her heart was still breaking for Dax though and the pull between them just wouldn’t fade away.
When that pull becomes too much Kenzie gives into it and explores it more with Dax while Leaf is away gathering fighters to fight in their upcoming battle.
But when Leaf returns and finds them in a compromising position he does something drastic. Ronan thankfully sees through Leaf’s lies though and saves Kenzie.
As all of Leaf’s lies come unraveled their group finds themselves under attack by the enemy. Leaf had never gotten the reinforcements. He had brought Aden’s army down on their heads.
When everything seems so hopeless Shade comes through and brings along the much needed army that Kenzie needs to succeed in the war that had begun.
The new plan now wasn’t to fight on the ground.
No, she wants to take over the sky above.
Using her powers and Dax’s combined they transport their entire army onto Kenzie’s old home, the military station.
Getting onto the station is the easy part. The hard part is when their entire plan is lost when the fighters on the space station are prepared for an attack.
They gain the upper hand on the Gealtach.
The war was quickly being lost even though everyone around her was telling her otherwise. They were losing. They couldn’t lose. Kenzie wouldn’t allow that to happen.


Dax could kick his own ass for letting Kenzie walk into danger like he had. It was stupid to let her make such a terrible decision but it was for a good cause.
Meanwhile he’s left with a battle that he had to win. It was a battle he had to win in order to get her back.
The hardest fight though wasn’t the one against the humans. It was the one raging inside of him to free Kenzie. His heart wanted to rescue her from the horrible things he had been forced to witness through her eyes.
There just wasn’t a way to do that without compromising the mission he had on the space station. There were too many Gealtach counting on him to lead.
With his emotions held at bay things become clear. They would win this war with the humans on the space station, but not without a high cost.
Many would die in the name of freedom.


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