Dead End

Alexis fears for her life, and for the lives of the two precious babies that she’s carrying. They’re the only things she has left to remind her of her lost love, Jax.
Getting trapped in a horde was the last thing that she had expected, especially when those two precious babies decide to come a bit earlier than expected.
The situation appears bleak.
Luckily, in the knick-of-time they find themselves being saved. Unfortunately, it all turns for the worst when there’s suddenly a complication.
With a little luck on their side along with her friends and loved ones, she will endure.
She will stay strong, and she will fight for what she believes in.
Alexis will learn to save those that can’t save themselves, and she will learn that the only way to keep them safe is to kill those who stand in her way.
Even though her world spins out of control, she finds love again.
She learns to enjoy the moments she has left, the moments that will forever be carved into her soul, and the moments that will predict her future actions for the rest of her life.
To die is to be reborn, and in death, a new life and a second chance.