Running Scared

Alexis must overcome the obstacles thrown in her path, especially after waking up in a military hospital and without any memories of how she had ended up there.
Waking up to two strangers just makes the whole situation even worse.
All she wants is her family, but when someone finally breaks it to her that they’re all gone, she panics. It’s a devastating blow that she doesn’t want to believe.
She tries to flee, but she can’t escape the truth. Alexis only runs herself straight into trouble.
Thankfully, she’s saved by a friend, but she must quickly learn the dangers of the outside world if she has any hope of surviving long enough to gain her memories back.
Will she remember the one who loves her, and will she learn to love him back again?
And when given the choice of giving up or fighting, which will she choose?
Death will come again for some, but who will survive this time?
Will her memories finally remind her who she’s willing to give everything up for?
The dead suddenly becomes the last thing on her mind when other survivors become the most dangerous things that go bump in the night.
Surprises are just around the corner, but so is heartbreak.
When a new home and new life land in her lap, will she take it?
Will her heart be able to heal?
With things seeming impossible, and her mind on the edge, only the one she comes to love truly will be able to save her from herself.