Blood Moon

One minute Ava’s world is coming together, the next it falls apart.
Darkwell is under attack and Ava is cut off from Tinsley and Kane, but that doesn’t stop her from rushing into trouble to find them.
Of course, that comes with a price.
Ava releases control of her vampire side.
When she gains control again, she finds herself in the middle of the remains of a battle. The only survivor is Ava. The morbid scene in front of Ava frightens her. It’s the exact thing that she wanted to avoid at all costs. Instead, she proves to be the monster that the humans feared.
Thankfully Nix keeps her from drowning in a sea of guilt. He also manages to find Tinsley and Kane.
Just as they reunite, another battle with the humans tears them apart again. This time Nix, Kane, and Dominick are forced to leave Ava behind.
Luckily she isn’t left entirely alone.
Even though Ava has Tinsley and Matt with her, it’s just not the same as having all of her men close by. Ava is unable to cope with the distance and when she discovers that Dominick, Kane, and Nix are in more danger than they led on she rushes to help.
She runs straight into another battle.
This battle brings more than just terrible nightmare fuel; it brings someone unexpected and a creature that is unlike any other.
This newcomer saves Ava in ways that she never imagined possible. He brings light into her life, but not everyone in Ava’s harem is happy with this new edition.
Ava has choices ahead of her; choices that could affect everyone around her. Will she fail or will she rise above it all? Only fate knows.