Colton Clark (A ‘Damage Me’ Novella)

A “Damage Me” Novella
This story is only intended to give another perspective to the original story “Damage Me.” It does not contain the entire original story, only pieces to fill in the experiences through Colton’s eyes.

Colton had everything going for him.
His band was about to hit it big, and the girl of his dreams was within reach.
When the unthinkable happens at a party, he loses the only girl he has fallen head over heels for.
Skylar Moore.
He dreams of that day over and over wishing he had done something, anything at all.
Years fly by as his band heads out on tour. When he returns home and throws a party, he finds himself standing in front of the girl he once loved. His feelings come flooding back, like a tidal wave.
He still loves her, and he must do anything in his power to get her back. He needs to fix things between them.
He can’t stand the mix of love and hate in her eyes when she looked at him.
But with his demons rearing their heads warning him to stay away from her, he listens and pushes her away for the sake of her own good.
And when that doesn’t work to extract her from his heart he takes drastic measures to ensure her happiness with his best friend, the one who would treat her best.
His plans unravel as she makes a difficult choice between the two friends.
Him, she wants him.
But with so much still needing to be worked out between them, will he ever get her back?
Will he lose her forever?
Or will this be one high school crush they can reignite?