Everything that Parker has gone through has led her to this point. Blue and Harley are locked away in her basement, and the Hunters are moving in closer. They could attack at any moment. Even though she feels as if she’s in a helpless position she isn’t. Parker has the Shadow pack standing behind her along with Jake and his family.
Unfortunately, a pack and a bear can’t keep the wheels of fate from turning.
Within the blink of an eye, things change, once again, for the worst.
Harley isn’t exactly what she seems anymore. She’s become a monster, and that monster costs Parker a beloved member of her pack.
Parker can’t seem to catch a break. Not only has she lost her best friend forever, but her pack is also falling apart at the seams. It doesn’t help that the Hunters now have her father and his pack in their grasp.
As a result, Parker finds herself on the run. There’s only one place safe enough to go.
She ends up back with Titus and his pack. Of course, that’s the last place she wants to be. Blue is there and she can’t, no, she won’t, forgive him for what he’s done. Their relationship with each other will never be the same. The connection between them has been shattered. Blue isn’t the wolf that she needs by her side anymore. Parker needs someone stronger, someone that she can trust, and someone that can protect her.
London tries to fill that spot, but Parker pushes him away.
At this point, it seems no one will ever live up to Gage, her true mate. He still has a firm hold on her heart even though he’s nothing but a memory. Of course with Lucas growing at a rapid pace Parker is continuously reminded of what should have been.
With everything stacking up against Parker will she be able to save her family? Will she finally find happiness, or will she lose it all? Only fate can decide.