Blood 2

Running from Linbridge is the last thing Harper ever expected to be doing, but she has no other choice. There was no way she could stay, especially after killing Clara and attacking Ivan and James.
At least she doesn’t have to run alone. Drake stays by her side through it all, just like he had promised.
Even though they intended to run far from Linbridge, they end up staying in the neighboring town where they find a friendly hotel owner who gives them a much-needed break.
Just when Harper has a chance to catch a breath, the clan finds her. James finds her, and he’s not about to leave without her. Surprisingly he doesn’t hold what Harper had done against her. James only wants her to be safe, and right now she’s not exactly safe, not with the vampire that Erik and Ivan are after running loose.
After some convincing, Harper gives in and allows James back into her life. After all, he hadn’t hurt her nearly as bad as Ivan and Erik had. James had remained in the background, until now. Now he was the only connection to the clan that Harper had. If she ever expected to get them back, she needed to form a strong relationship with James.
With time and a push from James, Harper gives in and returns to Linbridge. Of course, the fact that Ivan and Erik have been oddly silent pushes Harper to make her decision quicker.
Once James and Harper return to Linbridge, they become increasingly worried, and for good reason; Ivan and Erik have changed, and not in a good way. They’ve allowed their vampire sides to take over entirely, causing them to be vicious and cruel.
Bringing them back lands on Harper’s shoulders.
She’s the only one who can reach their softer sides.
Just when things seem to be coming back together, everything spins further out of control, especially after she meets the newest resident of Linbridge. Silas, he’s human, but there’s something that’s drawing Harper towards him. His blood is calling to her even though she can’t drink it.
There’s only one choice to make, but that decision just causes more problems. Marcus attacks and takes Silas away once he learns about Harper’s connection with him. Marcus then uses that bond to torture Harper along with Erik, Ivan, and James. He aims to destroy everything they have unless they give in to his demands.
The clan isn’t going to allow that to happen, not without a fight.
Marcus has to be destroyed.
Unfortunately, once they finally get the upper hand on Marcus the hope of getting Silas back disappears.
Harper’s left with more choices to make, ones that could cause the end of her or the end of the clan. For now, all that Harper can do is keep Silas from completely losing hope.
They will find him; they just need more time and a little luck on their side.