A Touch of Frost

Snow is a special girl with a special gift. She’s a Winter Fae, and a princess, but she doesn’t know that yet. Being raised in the human world with her best friend Tucker and her grandmother has shielded her from reality. They have kept her true identity hidden from her to keep her safe.
Snow had been safely hidden, until now. A Summer Fae has uncovered their secret, and he’s come to take her to the Fae world.
Everything Snow has known changes in an instant when she’s taken through a portal. The Fae world is much harsher than the Human world that she had become comfortable with. She’s got a lot to learn, and quickly. The first thing she learns is that Winter Fae and Summer Fae don’t mix. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop her from getting attached to the very Fae that had kidnapped her.
Forest, her captor, fights against the connection that seems to be pulling Snow and him together. When Snow pushes to get closer his defenses come crashing down. For Snow, everything seemed to be coming together. She was finding her place in this world. That joy is short-lived when her world once again becomes unraveled.
What Forest and Snow feel can never be, she has to return to her kingdom and he has to flee.
Soon Snow finds herself safely at home with her father, the King. Snow settles into her new role as Princess, but that doesn’t erase what she felt for the Summer Fae. Her heart longs for him and then breaks when unexpected news reaches her of his untimely demise.
She finds herself finding comfort in a set of familiar arms, Everest, a half-breed who reminds her of everything that she lost. He mends her heart while keeping her safe.
That doesn’t stop danger from finding Snow.
No matter what she does her world keeps falling apart around her. Every decision she makes places her on different paths to her future, but which is the right one to follow.
Snow must decide which path to take or risk it all. Will fate intervene or will someone else decide for her? Will love be able to triumph? Only the future knows.