The Chosen

Nova has a great life. She has friends, a boyfriend, and a semi-supportive family. It all appears perfect from the outside looking in. In truth, it’s far from perfect. Her boyfriend, Aden, is a closely guarded secret. Her friends have nearly all left her, and her step-mother is cruel behind closed doors.
Why, well because of the Nokalt.
Ever since they arrived life hasn’t been the same. The Nokalt are free to walk the streets and live side by side with the humans. Of course, there’s a catch to it all; every girl under the age of eighteen can be chosen by one of the Nokalt. Having a relationship with a human male is forbidden.
It was a simple term of agreement for a peaceful coexistence, and most people accepted these new rules when the Nokalt came but not Nova. She doesn’t trust them, in fact, she hates every last one. Her feelings are shared by her father, brother, and Aden.
Her stepmother and all of her former friends believe the opposite. They believe that it’s an honor to be chosen by one of the Nokalt. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool, which is why Nova’s stepmother is hell-bent on her being chosen.
Against everything that she believes one special Nokalt somehow works his way into Nova’s heart. His name is Edric, and he’s the son of a very powerful leader, the ambassador of their region to be precise.
Edric has been sent to infiltrate a rebel group in Nova’s town. That’s always been his job, wash, rinse, and repeat. It’s always been easy for him, until now.
He never expected to meet the one girl that would steal his heart right from under his guard. Of course, he never expected that Nova would be mixed up with the rebels that he was sent to take down either. Fortunately, she is innocent in all of this, but it doesn’t mean that he can save her.
Lies are abundant, and truths are uncovered. Some of the people closest to Nova are taken away, and the Nokalt finally show their true colors. They aren’t all that they appeared to be.
Will the connection that Nova and Edric share be strong enough to keep them together or will their love for each other tear them apart? Only they can decide the right paths to take, but will they be the right ones.