Marcus has been taken, and Piper is stuck without a clue as to where they took him. The only thing she can do is wait to see if Alec will give them the information that they so badly need to rescue Marcus.
After months of testing her patience Alec finally reveals something, but later that same day Marcus reveals himself.
He’s not the same angel she knew though.
He’s much more dangerous and under someone else’s control.
Marcus warns her to stay away, but Piper doesn’t listen, she only follows what she believes in her heart. She has to save him.
As she struggles to find ways to free, Marcus Mason steps in to comfort her when everything seems to fail. He keeps her going even though he wants her for himself.
Failure after failure leads Piper into thoughts about giving up. Being with Mason seems like the easier route, but her heart just won’t allow her.
Everything appeared hopeless, but there was still one option they had left. Piper needed to go before the council. She needed to reveal herself to them in hopes of finding who was controlling Marcus’s actions.
Unfortunately, the council has plans for her.
Before the council places their plan into action, Marcus does the unthinkable. He shatters Piper’s world and destroys any chance they had together.
Hate for him consumes Piper.
At the worst possible time, the council sends her back home to her mother and sister, but it comes with a price. She has to meet with the council’s seven sons.
She must choose one.
All around her Piper’s world comes crashing down. Not everyone is as they seem. They’re far more dangerous than she could ever imagine.
Lies spring to light.
She’s been betrayed by the one person she had cared about the most.
Her heart left broken. But in the midst of it comes a savior, an angel who can save her from herself and teach her what love means again.
He will fight by her side when Marcus threatens them with a coming war.
In the end, will she survive, or will the war end everything?